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End Violence Against Women / That's Not Love (2017)

End Violence Against Women / That's Not Love


The narrative of a woman whose ex-boyfriend made private pictures and information public, inviting virtual mob-violence and relentless harassment by unknown men. The film focuses on the idea of consent and the backlash that occurs when a woman acts with a sense of agency in her intimate life. As more and more of us live our lives online, it reflects an increasing experience among many young women.


Yangon Film School has created powerful documentary animations based on testimonies from survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) in Myanmar. The docuanimations were created with the support from the Gender Equality Network, the Heinrich Boell Foundation and SIDA.

Nine students from across the country aged between 22 and 38 years were trained in docuanimation by Lisa Crafts (USA), an award-winning filmmaker, animator and educator specialising in docuanimation and Paromita Vohra, an award-winning filmmaker, writer and gender activist from India.

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‘This course was designed to achieve two aims,’ says Yangon Film School founder Lindsey Merrison. ‘Firstly, we wanted to help the students understand the nuances of gender based violence – its root causes, its emotional impact on victims and the way in which the structural, cultural and psychological aspects of the phenomenon are interwoven. At the same time we sought to render these themes cinematically to a wider audience as effective and moving films, not simply didactic instructions. In this way, the course sought to provide students with new skills in documentary narrative approaches.’


End Violence Against Women #1
End Violence Against Women #1
End Violence Against Women #1