Held back by lack of further education opportunities – there are no film schools in Myanmar – as well as other constraints, many creative young people in the country are crying out for inspiration and encouragement to develop their artistic skills. These talented people are also keen to support Myanmar’s development at a grass roots level.

Described by one local partner as a ‘milestone in capacity building,’ the non-profit organisation Yangon Film School (YFS) aims to create a diverse media culture in Myanmar by training a creative young workforce that is also capable of meeting the audiovisual needs of the country’s development sector.

The Yangon Film School offers a range of audio-visual courses and mentorships free of charge for emerging Myanmar filmmakers that blends theory with practical, hands-on exercises. An inspired, dedicated team of international and local filmmakers comprise the tutor group. It is their aim to foster an environment of productivity and open-minded individual creativity.

The YFS’ own local production outfit, Yangon Film Services, has also made a name for itself as a creator of well-crafted documentaries and promotional films for a growing number of clients. These works cover an astonishing range of topics and locations throughout Myanmar.

YFS Courses

YFS courses are intensive and often residential and last from a few days to two months. They give participants the opportunity to grapple with the technical, artistic and ethical aspects of documentary and fictional filmmaking by producing their own short films and/or film scripts.

Teaching at YFS comprises a mixture of classroom instruction, practical exercises, tutorials, screenings and discussions with the aim of helping participants to develop a compassionate yet critical eye for the world around them.

Yangon Film School 2005

Founded by Anglo-Burmese filmmaker Lindsey Merrison in 2005, the Yangon Film School (YFS) is a non-profit organisation created to train media workers in Myanmar. YFS brings together experienced filmmakers and young Myanmar for film trainings in the country’s former capital city of Yangon.

Yangon Film School

The primary focus of YFS is to train students in documentary filmmaking, a form of artistic expression that can engage like no other media with a variety of humanitarian topics and provide incisive commentaries on everyday life in Myanmar.

Yangon Film School Films

Since 2005, YFS students have made over 280 documentaries on a huge variety of topics but with a focus on the underrepresented and marginalised in Myanmar. They have also created short fiction films and animated documentaries inspired by real-life stories. These films will soon be available to view on the School’s dedicated streaming platform.

Yangon Film School Courses

The Yangon Film School curriculum comprises a three-year programme of study. During this time, participants are required to complete five courses and submit a graduation film in order to graduate.