Saw Eh Doh Poe

Biography of the director

Saw Eh Doh Poe is Karen and grew up in Yangon. Born in 1991 into a Christian pastor’s family, he attended a BARS liberal arts course at the Myanmar Insitute of Theology and then studied IT before turning his attentions to anime and graphic design. In 2014, in between stints as a graphic artist and fixer/producer at Eleven Media and BBC Media Action respectively, he enrolled at Yangon Film School where he attended the School’s flagship documentary course among others. He found his true calling in the School’s first docuanimation class in 2017 from which a trio of short films entitled End Violence Against Women! emerged. These films scored almost 1m views on social media and were also broadcast on national television and radio. His animation skills continued to grow in subsequent courses in 2018 during which he was a key creative on the award-winning sand animation Limbo (Grand Prix at WHO’s Health for All film festival in 2020), and the papier-mâché stop-motion film Our Town. He also worked on a series of animations on land rights and acceptance of difference produced by the School’s production arm Yangon Film Services.

Filmography of the director