Koran and Karate YFS

Koran and Karate


Confident, focused and elegant, Myanmar Muslim Yi Yi Myint divides her time between looking after her mother, teaching Arabic and practising her faith. An accomplished Karate practitioner to boot, this charming thirty-six year old single woman would seem to have it all – except perhaps for the right marital partner…

Director's Biography

Engineering graduate War War Hlaing’s family are Myanmar Muslims. Before she took up studies at YFS in 2011, she divided her time between helping out on her family’s vegetable stall and working as a development volunteer, teaching life skills or staging plays with the Myanmar interfaith peace group IYCAP. Proud of the liberal upbringing she herself has enjoyed, she hoped that her first short documentary Koran and Karate would help change prevailing prejudices about Muslims in Myanmar.


November, 2013
Seoul International Women's Film Festival
Seoul, South Korea
September, 2013
Myanmar Film Festival of Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA., USA

Director's Filmography

Koran and Karate



More Than a Tree

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