Sai Nyi Min Htut

Biography of the director

Sai Nyi Min Htut (born in 1994) is from Kyaukme in Myanmar’s northern Shan State. After gaining a degree in English from Lashio University, he spent several years working as an activist and writing about LGBTI and other human rights issues before joining YFS in 2020. He has completed a number of YFS courses including Animation & Mixed Media during which he co-created the comicbook and animation My Wife is Beautiful, and Participatory Video, which qualified him to join a Travelling Cinema crew in Kengtung in eastern Shan State in 2021. Boy Queen – which he also co-edited with fellow YFS student Nang Cho Lae Yee Thein – marked his directorial debut. His graduation film project, Just A Prayer, is a documentary set in a refugee camp in Shan State.

Filmography of the director


Director / Editor