Chit Moe Pio

Biography of the director

Director Chit Moe Pio (born in 1992) is from Kayah, Myanmar’s smallest state. After studies in social science, he attended courses in leadership, peace and conflict resolution before joining a Peace and Development Initiative in Rakhine State where he first came into contact with media as a tool for social development. Since enrolling at Yangon Film School in 2018, he has attended a number of courses including the School’s ‘True Fictions’ programme during which he co-wrote and co-filmed the short fiction film The Other Side of the Tracks. For his first documentary, Going Home, he returned to his native village in Kayah State where his hill-farming family pursue a way of life unchanged for centuries. Filmed in just two days in a remote part of Kayah, Mountain Camp is his second documentary.

Filmography of the director