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The Novice Brothers (2023)

The Novice Brothers

Two boys in a monastery – through thick and thin


Two years ago, Yan Shin and his younger brother Aung Moe were sent to live in a monastery in Yangon by their mother who was too poor and too ill to take care of them anymore. The documentary camera proves to be the perfect audience for these two spirited boys, but the film also reveals how important they are for each other and shows how the monastery has become a safe haven in which they are slowly learning how to cope with loss.

Director's Biography

Shwe Yee Oo (born 1998) was born in Yangon, Myanmar. She graduated from the National University of Arts and Culture with a major in painting, also gaining a diploma in music (violin) in the same year. She has worked as a subtitle translator since the age of 18. She joined Yangon Film School in 2022. The Novice Brothers is her first documentary as a director.

Director's Filmography

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