Participatory Video

'Participatory video’ is a set of techniques that enables a group or community to shape and create their own video. It also provides a way to bring people together to voice concerns, explore issues, tell stories and find ways to promote change. Designed around experiential learning, this ten-day training aims to develop participants’ capacity to deliver all aspects of the participatory video (PV) process, including planning, facilitation and participatory editing.

Guided by an international PV specialist, participants explore and practice a wide range of games and group exercises that are fun but also encourage creativity, collective decision-making and the exchange of knowledge. The course includes an opportunity to practice in the field during a two-day participatory video facilitation.

Take a look at how this training works in the film About the 2018 Participatory Video Training below.

YFS students who are trained in PV facilitation techniques regularly go out on Travelling Cinema placements across Myanmar, including to some of the most inaccessible and/or marginalised communities – from Kachin State in the far north across the central dry zone to Rakhine State in the west, Shan State in the east and the country’s Ayeyarwady delta.

The videos made on YFS-facilitated PV trainings are often extremely moving and address a wide range of topics – from drug abuse, pollution and discrimination to the need for better access to education, improved working conditions and the challenges posed by climate change.

You will soon be able to see many of the PV films made during these facilitations free of charge on our YFS streaming platform.


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