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Aye Aye Thwe’s family make traditional Burmese puppets. She too once had high hopes of becoming a puppeteer, but her life took a detour when she went to find work in Malaysia and soon found herself enslaved.

‘A subtle and well-shot portrait of one woman’s intriguing story. In describing the female protagonist’s strength, the film allows her experiences to appear both unique and yet representative for the fate of so many women.’
Goethe Institute Documen-tary Award Myanmar Jury

Director's Biography

May Htoo Choo was born in 1982 and studied at the National University of Arts and Culture, majoring in music. After working for the National Symphony Orchestra as a violinist and as a music teacher at DoReMi Nursery school she enrolled at YFS in 2007 where she worked as a cinematographer on the documentary A Piece of Eden. Choices marks her debut as a director. She was also one of the editors on a short drama produced by YFS with the working title Hope.


September, 2014
Human Rights Human Dignity Film Festival - Travelling Cinema
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
June, 2014
Human Rights Human Dignity Film Festival
Yangon, Myanmar

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